How to Plan a Kick-Ass Stag Do without Losing Your Mind

How to Plan a Kick-Ass Stag Do without Losing Your Mind

So, he knows you couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, but he’s trusting you to plan the most epic party of his single life, his stag do. Cheers mate.
But never fear, dear Stag, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a step-by-step list off all the things that you’ll need to cover in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Well, as “smoothly” as Stag Dos go…

Lists, lists, lists! Lists.

When planning anything, a good list is going to be your best friend. So grab a pen, paper and even a highlighter if you’re feeling adventurous and get the bullet points flowing. To start you off, here’s a pre-planned list of the lists that you’ll need. You’re welcome.


Make a list of who’s going. Consider the abilities, interests, locations and ages of all of the participants, as well as their potential budgets. For example, you don’t want to be booking a coasteering trip if the majority of the stags are hopeless swimmers! Also, be considerate when thinking about budgets; you don’t want to make price prohibitive- it’s better to cut back on the luxuries than cut back on the boys!


Make a list of possible dates. When will you all be able to make it? Will it need to take place during a school holiday, over a weekend or across a bank holiday in order for everyone to make it? Consider when and where people will be working so that they have enough notice to book time off if necessary. We’ve got single day, one night and two night pre-planned activity packages available to book straight away, and if you think you can handle longer, we’ll be happy to sort it out.


Make a list of ideas for possible venues and locations. Consider how you’ll get everyone there and how much it will cost. Remember, you’ll need to factor in public transport if you’re all going to be drinking! Check out prices in advance and make sure that there aren’t any hidden costs or ‘extras’ that you’re unaware of. You’ll then need to plan your payment method, taking into consideration deposits and final payments.


Make a list of things that your Groom and the rest of the boys might enjoy. Land-based activities? Water-based activities? Outdoors/indoors? Make sure that you make appropriate allowances for any Stag with a disability or physical difficulty, so that everyone can take part in activities they’ll enjoy. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out our list (yes, we like lists…) of Stag Do activities, all of which can be booked individually or as part of a pre-planned or bespoke package.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? If you’re not we’d be worried. But remember – we’re here to help! So, once you’ve got at least a vague idea about the points that we’ve outline above, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to handle the rest of the planning for you. Just tell us what you want, where you want it, how many Stags you’ll have in tow and an idea of a budget and we’ll be able to piece together your perfect kick-ass stag.

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